Jamal Bakhshpour

contemporary iranian painter


„Jamal Bakhshpour is one of the old and reputable, contemporary iranian artists. He has lived and worked in Germany for the greater part of the past three decades. When he began to paint in the sixties, it was a pleasure to watch the technical skills and masterly proficiency with which he spread the continuous hachure throughout his work and it was evident that he is a painter with a rich imagination...“

„...As far as I am aware, during the last few decades, we haven‘t had any iranian artist with Jamal Bakhshpour‘s imagination, mastership, technical skills and proficiency in the use of iron brush and brilliant colours. I hold great affection for Bakhshpour and his works and believe that his mastership and imagination are praiseworthy...“ 

Aydin Aghdashloo, Tehran January 2001


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